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What’s Fall without a Bonfire?


Okay, we’ve actually had three “bonfires” this season—two of them were merely campfires (wonderful for making s’mores!) and one was a BONFIRE. By that I mean the wood itself was piled higher than our heads, and the flames initially lept to the height of the surrounding trees. Thankfully, the fire was far enough away that none of the trees were in danger of being swallowed by “The Great Bonfire.”


Every year for ICA’s Harvest Homecoming, the high school has a bonfire. Stephen organized a football game with the guys, while Tim and I sat on the sidelines. The weather was beautiful!

Football in the Fall


Ben & Stephen



It did get quite chilly, but not too bad. I was encouraged to hear some of the testimonies given by the teens. One girl’s testimony, in particular, was touching—her mom had passed away the previous evening after a lifelong battle with juvenile diabetes.


The speaker for the night was my former youth pastor, who is currently teaching 6th grade at ICA. It was reminiscent of my being under his ministry seven years ago. Wow! Has it really been that long since I was a high school senior?


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