Maternity Photos by Laura

My cousin, who is enrolled in a photography class, needed subjects for her portrait photo shoot assignment. Before we flew to Maryland, she asked if Stephen and I would mind getting some pictures taken while we were on the farm. I had been hoping and planning to get some maternity pictures, so I jumped on the opportunity!

Even though we had been awake for almost a day and a half, Laura managed to get some really nice pictures out of us. Here are a few, but take a look at our Gallery page for the full experience!

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3 Responses to Maternity Photos by Laura

  1. dmoody says:

    Elisabeth, I would have never guessed you were running on too little sleep in these pictures! Stephen does look a little sleepy now that you mention it 🙂

  2. Elisabeth Moody says:

    I think my nap while flying first class helped a lot!

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