As soon as I saw an online tutorial for these plush magnetic letters, I knew I wanted to make them for Silas’s birthday present. Silas also got wooden alphabet blocks and a foam alphabet for bath time from Aunt Rebekah. He’ll be reading before he’s two!

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4 Responses to ABC’s

  1. Sue Winkler says:

    it’s never to late to start learning letter’s and number’s.

  2. Brenda Thacker says:

    That’s a great idea! Just curious, how much time did it take to do all of those?

  3. Elisabeth Moody says:

    I spread out the project over 3 days and had lots of interruptions, but it probably took about 6 hours total. A cute project that was easy enough for someone like me—who doesn’t sew—to accomplish! It can get pricey if you don’t have a lot of scraps sitting around. My mom let me use her scraps and cotton batting, so all I had to buy were the magnets.

  4. Laura A says:

    Those are precious! I’ve been seeing so many DIY projects that I want to have time for 🙂 And I don’t even have a little one to interrupt me 🙂

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