Mid-week Happinesses

  • unexpected phone call from my sister friend—in the middle of the day

  • mailbox full of cards from family—and not one piece of junk mail

  • friends coming over for dinner and games

  • playing “chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug-a CHOO! CHOO!” with Bitty Boy

  • surprise dinner date with My Man—tonight!

  • email from my friend half a world away—in Papua New Guinea

  • chic, comfy flip-flops from the cutie I babysit

  • My Man’s boss bragging on Stephen over dinner

  • Baby running excitedly to give Mommy a hug

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2 Responses to Mid-week Happinesses

  1. Laura A says:

    Happy Birthday, Cousin!! (I have to communicate that to you via every medium possible…facebook…birthday card….blog…)

  2. Sue Winkler says:

    Happy Birthday,Hope you have a nice one.

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