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Grammy, Grampy, and Uncle Ben

Our family visits continued for a third week in a row when Mom and Dad Moody and Ben flew in from Indiana. We’ll take family any time we can get them! Spring is here, so the palo verde trees were … Continue reading

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A Sister Spring Break

How special that my sister Charis wanted to spend her spring break with us! She came from snowy Massachusetts to sunny Arizona and was glad to escape the cold. The boys liked “helping” Aunt Charis play the piano. Family time … Continue reading

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Colorado Road Trip

How far is it from Phoenix to Fort Collins? Very, very far! But worth it. At the end of March we loaded Stephen’s Vibe, strapped the boys into their car seats, and began the long trek to visit David and … Continue reading

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We Took a Bike Ride…

...on a sunny day near the river. A few Saturdays ago, we rented some bikes and a kid trailer from the Bicycle Cellar in Tempe. I hadn’t been on a bike ride in years! It’s really true that you never … Continue reading

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Libraries are for Mommies

I’ve spent more time in public libraries since becoming a mom than I ever did as a child. Libraries are wonderful resources for parents—not only because of the books and DVDs, but especially because of the free programs for kids. … Continue reading

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Birthday Weekend

Birthdays are a big deal to Silas. He’s been asking me, “How old am I today?” to see if he’s still three or if he’s gotten older overnight. We talked about my birthday this past weekend, so now he knows … Continue reading

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New Door

Have you ever heard of a “security door”? I hadn’t until we moved to Arizona. Homes here in the desert don’t have storm doors. Instead, security doors are the popular choice. They’re doors made of metal mesh with decorative, yet … Continue reading

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The Gift of Family

Silas was at his babysitter’s house last week. Connie was talking with Silas about the baseball on his shirt. Then she asked if he had been to a game at the ballpark. Silas replied, “Yes, I went to the ballpark, … Continue reading

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Arizona State Senate

Last Thursday, I attended part of the Arizona state senate session in the capitol complex. My dad teaches history and travels the country as an evangelist during the summer. He writes letters to the editor, applicable to certain states/cities, and … Continue reading

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Heart Day & Other Days

For this year’s valentines I used the Christmas pictures we had taken of the boys. With a picture like that on the front, of course the valentines were adorable! On Valentine’s Day, the boys and I drove to Stephen’s office … Continue reading

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