Brynn’s first week is a special memory—even now. Because my gracious in-laws gave up a week to take care of us, I was able to snuggle with our newest cuddle bug as much as I wanted.June3001June3010June3003

Mom and Dad Moody flew into Phoenix on Friday night, June 5th—the day we brought Brynn home. June3008June3006The next morning, they got right to work. Mom took over the shopping, cooking, and housework, and began cleaning the house. She cleaned things that I’ve never cleaned in the 5 years we’ve lived in this house!June3007June3005

Stephen had the week off, so he and Dad made a list of home repairs and set to work. June3012Not only that, but Dad offered to paint something on Brynn’s nursery wall. He ended up creating a beautiful mural that is a masterpiece of love for little Brynn Kathryn.June3015June3016

Having the Moodys here gave me a chance to recover, enjoy the newborn baby girl, and have more time for my 3 guys. June3017June3018At the end of the week, we all went out to a Japanese place for lunch. It was one of those places where the chef cooks right in front of you and entertains you during the meal. Silas was the only one of us who caught the broccoli in his mouth that the chef threw! June3020

Time with grandparents is scarce for these babies, so it was special to have Grammy and Grampy spend a whole week with us!June3002June3019

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Big Brothers

Silas and Cooper have flung open their hearts to little Brynn. June2012They met baby sister for the first time while wearing their big brother shirts from Uncle Jason and Aunt Stephanie. Silas’s says “Security for My Little Sister” and Cooper’s says “Bodyguard for My New Sister.”June2002June2007

We had been telling Silas that his job would be to help put the pacifier and the bottle in baby sister’s mouth, so as soon as Brynn started crying, Silas grabbed the paci and plugged it in her mouth!June2005June2013

Cooper loves to give Brynn hugs. He’s a gentle giant, so his hugs are probably a bit overwhelming to tiny Brynn. Cooper is still convinced that he has a baby in his belly, and insisted we were getting another baby in two days.June2011June2015

Yesterday was my due date, but instead, we’ve been snuggling our cuddlebug for 10 whole days. I love to see both of the big brothers loving their baby!June2001June2016

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She’s Here!

We are thrilled to announce the birth of our daughter, Brynn Kathryn Moody. She was born at 1am on Thursday, June 4, 2015 weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and measuring 20 inches in length. Brynn’s middle name is for my mom, Kathryn Renee. All of us are excited to finally have Baby Sister in our arms!June1007

Brynn’s birth was the most “exciting” of the three births. At my doctor appointment last Wednesday, my fluid was measuring low, the placenta was starting to calcify, and I was dilated to almost 4cm. On top of all that my OB was headed out of town Thursday afternoon. All of those factors made it clear that I should be induced—for which I was thankful! I was very ready to deliver.June1001

I tried to get in touch with Stephen and finally called his main office number to tell a very flustered Daddy that his baby girl was going to meet him soon. We dropped the boys off at a friend’s house and headed to the hospital.June1002

Dr. Oland broke my water and said he could feel the baby’s head. Although I wasn’t in pain, I was given an epidural since we expected a fast delivery. After laboring for a while, Dr. Oland discovered that Brynn had shifted with her head on my left side and her bum on my right. He said it was very strange that the baby would move during labor—especially without any fluid. He wanted to try an external turn to avoid a c-section.June1003

He pushed Brynn’s head down and her bum up, and then had me hold her in place! I wasn’t strong enough, so Stephen helped. Brynn wanted to turn back, so Dr. Oland said he was going to do a MacGyver move. He placed rolled up towels vertically on the left and right side of my belly, and then put an elastic abdominal band around it all to hold Brynn in place.June1004

I was given pitocin to help Brynn move further down into the birth canal. She didn’t like me laying on my back, so I had to stay on my side. When the baby’s heartbeat dropped during contractions, the nurses would come flip me over to my other side. I also wore an oxygen mask to help the baby.June1005

After hours of flipping from side to side, we were in the middle of another flip when another nurse came in and said, “We need to flip over as fast as humanly possible.” I’m not sure what happened, but the baby must have been in distress. That nurse checked me and said I was ready to deliver! Dr. Oland arrived just then and pushing began. I pushed for about 15 minutes, and then Brynn was born at 1am on the dot!June1006

They put her on my belly and then told me she had been born sunny side up (face up). Dr. Oland said when babies are born face up, it’s like delivering a baby a whole pound heavier than they actually are. Also, I later learned that women with sunny side up babies usually have to push for hours. I’m so thankful God allowed me to avoid a c-section and to push for only a few minutes.June1008June2009June2008June2006June2004June2010

Happy birthday, Brynn Kathryn. You are very loved.

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A Day of Firsts

Congratulations to my sister-in-law and her husband—Stephanie and Jason—on the birth of their daughter, Brooklyn Faith! This is their first child, and the first granddaughter born to the Moody clan. She arrived at 8:48am this morning, weighing 7 lbs 14 oz. Her middle name is a tribute to Mom Moody—very special.BrooklynBurroughBrooklynwithDaddy

For the first time Stephen is an uncle and I am an aunt! And now Silas and Cooper finally have a first cousin! We are excited Brooklyn is here after going 9 days past her due date. Hopefully our little girl will be here very soon to play with Brooklyn.

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Life on Hold

It’s a waiting game now until Baby Sister arrives. I’ve been crossing off the calendar days, and tomorrow is June! I’m 38 weeks and 2.5 cm dilated, but not many contractions yet. I know it’s not true, but I feel as though life is at a standstill until Baby comes. There’s not much I can do and not much I feel like doing.

The nursery is painted, but there are a few places that still need to be touched up before we can move the furniture back in. Girl clothes are hanging in the closet and laying the drawers, and we have a whole basket of teeny tiny diapers ready. I love the headbands we’ve gotten, and I’ve packed several to take to the hospital with us. Most of my bag is packed, and I’ve even packed things for the boys in case they need to spend a couple nights at a friend’s house on short notice.

My prayer has been that God will give me the grace to see these days of waiting as valuable in light of eternity. I don’t want to waste these days I have with with my three men while we wait to become a family of five. I want to love them well.

Silas is growing into a capable big brother who can help Cooper and me, as well as keep us spinning with his questions about life. He told me a while back, “Mom, I REALLY love my daddy.” When I asked him why, he said, “Because he has black hair, and that makes him cool.”

Cooper’s vocabulary has exploded, and I’ve been loving getting to know his little personality these past few months. One day I told Cooper he was too cute, and he told me, “I not too cute. I just rowdy towdy!”

The conversations the boys have with each other are the best ever. I love to hear them discuss life and play.

Silas: “Coop, do you like the yellow ball the most?”
Cooper: “Yes.”
Silas: “Well, I like the green one.”
Cooper: “I like yellow ball.”
Silas: “That’s because you were born to like yellow.”

Mom and Dad Moody come for a week this Friday. We’re excited to have them and hope Baby Sister comes very soon so she can be with them!

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A Rocking Chair Face Lift

As a newlywed couple, Stephen and I were given this hand-me-down glider rocker back in Indiana. It has served us well for the past almost 9 years, but I’ve been wanting to re-do it for a while now. The old rocker finally got its complete make-over.



I love it! Stephen spray painted it cream over the weekend, and I bought the mustard yellow cushion from Walmart. The cushion is really meant for an outdoor patio chair, but it fits well enough. I wasn’t feeling up to sewing my own cushion cover.

For now, the rocker lives in the family room, and I can’t wait to rock Baby Girl in it!

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It’s Raining Pink

One more month today! This baby girl has been given three baby showers. That’s pretty incredible since she’s our third child, but I’m thankful for the love of friends that’s been showered on us.

My first two showers were surprises. One was given by my playgroup from the Goodyear MOMS Club. I’m glad I found this club almost three years ago as it’s helped me build friends with other moms in my stage of life, informed me about programs for families with young children, and taught me about my community. I’d recommend MOMS club to stay-at-home moms if there is one in your area. It’s an international organization, so there are chapters all over the world.May2002

My Wednesday playgroup put together a little shower for me at the park with streamers, pink cupcakes, fruit salad, gifts, and my first-ever diaper cake. What a sweet gesture! I was having a crabby, selfish morning, and almost cancelled on them, but they made my day! God used these kind friends to remind me that His grace is lavish.May2003

The second shower was a total shock since I was fully expecting a birthday party for some friends. My church had been planning a shower on May 9th, but some generous friends—Rachel and Sylvia—hosted a surprise shower too! I was speechless when everyone yelled surprise. It took a while for my brain to process what was happening.May2006 The best part was that Stephen had acted so totally natural about the birthday party idea that I didn’t suspect a thing! Rachel did a beautiful job with the decorations/favors and invitations. She was inspired by my nursery colors of aqua, coral and yellow. May2007Seeing all the baby girl outfits made Baby Girl seem more real to me. I could imagine dressing her in all the cute new clothes.May2004May2005

Finally, my third shower was this past Saturday. The sweet ladies at church put on a little brunch for me and gave Baby Girl even more gear and a brand new car seat. The seat we used for the boys was a hand-me-down, and since it had expired, a new one was in order. I’m excited to get it installed in the car and see how we can squeeze three babies into the back of our Rendezvous.May2001

Last night we checked the mail while on our way to get some paint for the nursery. My sister-in-law sent a package full of frilly, girly, flowery headbands and outfits (which I adore!). But since Stephen hasn’t seen all my shower gifts, watching me open that package was a rude awakening for him that he’s going to have a baby girl. I think he needs some time to adjust to all this of these accessories and lace!May3001

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Mommy’s Day

My two little mailmen delivered cards to me this morning. Silas chose a Superman card for me (because, as you know, I love all things Superman). He drew a picture of me and a ninja climbing into a city. I’m glad Silas has recognized my superpowers. Cooper’s card, on the other hand, had some cute little ducklings on the front and scribbles inside. May1001

They went shopping last night with Stephen so they could get me some toys for “Mudder’s Day.” Daddy was very helpful in steering them towards some beautiful flowers instead.May1003

Being a mommy is one of God’s gifts of grace. I treasure these two little boys and their sister who will be joining us soon.May1002


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First Stitches

It happened! We got our first stitches last night.

Stephen and Cooper were at home while Silas and I attended Kids4Truth at church. Cooper ran head long into our padded ottoman and still managed to score a gash above his right eyebrow. It bled a lot, but once Stephen cleaned it up and gave Coop a bandaid, Cooper was totally happy.April6005

Since I had both car seats with me at church, Stephen called, and Silas and I came home to help take Cooper to the urgent care. We tried Goodnight Pediatrics for the first time. It’s an urgent care that specializes in pediatric care.April6002

They saw Cooper right away and determined that he needed stitches. Since I’m from a family of all girls, I’ve never had stitches or seen them done, so it was an education for me. The worst part was the needle they used to numb his eyebrow. Poor little dude was crying lots of tears, but he was very brave. He looked at me with his big teary eyes and said, “All done now?”April6001

Thankfully, the little man laid so still as the doctor gave him four stitches. I couldn’t believe this was the same child that, back in February, refused to even stand on the scale at the doctor’s office. He’s grown up a lot in the past few months.April7001

After the ordeal was over, we drove to Culver’s for some frozen custard where our friends, the Horkavys, joined us. I’m sure there are more stitches in our future, but thankfully our first incident was minor.April6004

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I bought the boys a new swimming pool and set it up in the back yard. They’ve been swimming and soaking their clothes when playing outside.April4001April4002I love having a patch of grass and a finished yard. Just today some friends came over and helped Stephen set up the sand box again. The boys played for hours!April4006April4007

The nursery is progressing slowly. I’m planning aqua, yellow, and coral for the colors. So far, I’ve purchased aqua curtains, a coral rug, and a yellow cushion for the rocking chair. The other day I began taping the baseboard in hopes that the walls will be painted soon. I need to pick out a shade of aqua that complements the curtains. The nursery drawers and closet are filling up with hand-me-down clothes and gender neutral things I have from the boys.April4003

Silas completed his Kids4Truth catechism book which means he’s learned a total of 60 catechism answers. He’s so excited to get his “golden pin” award!April5001April4005

Cooper has learned to pedal his tricycle and is saying so much these days. I love having conversations with him. At dinner the baby was kicking me, and Cooper leaned down to my belly and said loudly, “Baby Sister, stop kicking Mommy!”April4004

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