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Baby Moody #3

We are happy to announce that Baby Moody #3 is expected June 12, 2015! God is a gracious God to bless us with this third treasure. This picture is neither a gender announcement nor a name announcement, but it is … Continue reading

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Someone Had a Birthday

Waking up on his 4th birthday, Silas asked, “Did my voice change?” He so badly wants to be a teenager! Apparently it’s the magic age where he’ll be allowed to do everything he’s ever dreamed of. The next thing Silas … Continue reading

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My Grace Baby

Both of my boys are undeserved gifts from God. Both of my boys bring me joy and both of them teach me more of God’s grace. But, while Silas is my Joy Baby, Cooper is my Grace Baby. Cooper’s entrance into … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Lullaby

On this day when we celebrate motherhood, I thought I would share one of my favorite lullabies. In fact, it was the first lullaby I sang to Cooper after his birth. Not only is this lullaby special, but its author … Continue reading

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My Joy Baby

A friend once told me that she calls her children her “joy babies.” Children are treasures, and gifts from God. When God gave us Silas, so much joy entered our lives. What a thrill to find out we were pregnant, … Continue reading

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Cooper’s 1st Birthday

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, dear Cooper! Happy birthday to you! Cooper, we are so happy that you are part of our family. God is good to give you to us. One year ago yesterday, … Continue reading

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To Infinity & Beyond!

Silas (Buzz Lightyear) and Cooper (Sheriff Woody) invited their friends over for a combined Toy Story birthday party on Saturday. We threw a big bash to celebrate Silas’s 3rd and Cooper’s 1st birthday. It was happy chaos! The family room … Continue reading

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The Velvet Bowling Ball

Cooper, you are my darling. You love to snuggle with Mommy, and I’m so happy to have a cuddlebug! Your chubby cheeks and squishable tummy make my day. You walk all over the place, and walking is now your default … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, Biped Coming Through!

Cooper is walking! He took a few starter steps last month, but now at 10 months, he has officially begun walking. Last weekend he gained a lot of confidence and decided, “I can do this walking thing! Look at me … Continue reading

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Visit to the “Zee-um”

This past Saturday was Museum Day, an annual event where museums all over the country offer free admission. Stephen and I took advantage of this free event back in 2009 during our unemployment stage of life, so when my friend Kristy … Continue reading

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