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Say, “Cheese!”

Cheese has long been one of our delights, hobbies, interests, indulgences. Stephen decided to try his hand at cheesemaking, so he ordered a starter kit off of Amazon. Early in September he gave it a go, following this tutorial. Cheese curds were a lot of work! He used one gallon of milk, and created a fun… Read More Say, “Cheese!”


Spiral-Cut Hot Dogs

How do you like your dogs? Have you ever tried cutting them in a spiral before grilling? A while ago Stephen sent me this video tutorial that shows just how easy it is to do. So, I thought we could try it this past weekend. It was a cool experiment! First, skewer the hot dog… Read More Spiral-Cut Hot Dogs

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Molasses Sandwich Cookies with Maple Cream Cheese Filling

Ever since our trip to San Diego—where the weather was cooler—I’ve been yearning for fall weather and all things autumn. This past Sunday Stephen and I hosted an autumn-themed party, and these cookies were our dessert of choice. We had never made them before, but they’re definitely a keeper.My sister-in-law Amy had given me these… Read More Molasses Sandwich Cookies with Maple Cream Cheese Filling