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Christmas Card from Bethlehem

Bethlehem, Maryland is just down the road from Preston—where my Uncle Calvin farms. It’s common for people to drive to the tiny country town (known to the locals as “Beth-lem”) in order to mail their Christmas cards. The best part … Continue reading

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2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Like billions across the globe, we watched the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony Friday night—the entire 4 hour broadcast! I have to say that the best part was from the beginning up through Rowan Atkinson’s performance of Chariots of Fire. … Continue reading

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Feelin’ Blue

Today is a sad day for the Colts, Peyton Manning, Indy, all of Indiana, and Colts fans everywhere—including us out here in the desert. Our beloved quarterback, Peyton Manning, was released from the team today.While I’m not a native Hoosier, … Continue reading

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Happy 100th Birthday, Arizona!

Valentine’s Day 2012 is Arizona’s centennial—100 years of statehood. There aren’t many states left with a centennial to celebrate, so we didn’t want to miss the chance to commemorate this milestone. Yesterday we headed out to enjoy the Best Fest … Continue reading

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Is It Over?

The news report last night said that today, October 3rd, is supposed to be our last day of triple digit temperatures for the year. Hooray! Maybe now we can enjoy being outside. According to ABC 15 news, “monsoon 2011 will … Continue reading

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In My Seat~A Pilot’s Story from September 10th-11th

Remembering September 11, 2001.

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Taylor’s Sweet Corn

My cousin posted this link on Facebook, and I thought it was so cool that I’d re-post it here. The Cape Gazette of Delaware ran this article about my Aunt and Uncle’s famously delicious sweet corn. Oh, and happy birthday, … Continue reading

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Monsoon Season

Last night was our first major bona fide monsoon storm since moving to Phoenix. Check out this link for some incredible time lapse photography of the giant storm! We’ve heard a lot about these monster dust storms, but never experienced … Continue reading

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Ramblings on a Saturday

I just feel like writing today. Silas is crawling around on the family room floor exploring the blinds, the magazines, sometimes crawling over to visit me. He’s such a happy baby today—singing, talking to himself, laughing, smiling, napping well, and … Continue reading

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Indiana Surprise

The look on Mom’s face was worth it. Worth the long hours in the car and the swollen feet and ankles. She came out into the living room confused as to why the dogs were barking, and then she saw … Continue reading

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