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Happy Family Room

Our family room finally has something on the big blank wall above the couch! I love how it makes the room homier. I’ve been wanting to make my own version of this dandelion art for a while now, and finally … Continue reading

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Birthday Weekend

Birthdays are a big deal to Silas. He’s been asking me, “How old am I today?” to see if he’s still three or if he’s gotten older overnight. We talked about my birthday this past weekend, so now he knows … Continue reading

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Let It Snow! (Kind of)

Christmas is less than two weeks away! We’ve been busy putting up our 9 foot Christmas tree, decorations around the house, Silas’s mini tree, and a 6 foot tree in our bedroom. We added a new little tree for Cooper’s … Continue reading

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A Little Boy Airplane Room

Introducing Silas’s big boy room…Silas was so excited to move to his toddler bed that he was dancing around his new bedroom that first night. We switched him from the crib to the toddler bed after Christmas, and he’s been … Continue reading

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Easy Paper Heart Garland

Maybe you’re like me and have been thinking about Valentine’s Day ideas for weeks. I know I need to plan way in advance if I’m wanting to make the day special. Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that sneaks … Continue reading

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Uncles are Awesome!

At least Silas seems to think so. And who can blame him after the fun times he and Uncle Jon had this past weekend? Stephen’s brother, Jon, flew in late Thursday night, so Silas awoke to a surprise the next … Continue reading

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The Curtain Project

We had finally decided that the next item on our “to buy” list for the house was family room curtains. I spent a LOT of time online browsing curtain choices and just couldn’t find anything I was in love with. … Continue reading

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Springtime Brunch

My friend, who loves throwing beautiful parties, asked me to help with the brunch she had planned for the ladies of Crossroad Baptist Church. Yellow and purple were our colors~so bright and spring-y. Melissa had found these adorable paper peony … Continue reading

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Giant Ruler Growth Chart

Now that Silas spends his days perpendicular to the floor, I thought it would be cool to mark his height on the wall. There’s something nostalgic about tracking your child’s growth on the wall of your home, don’t you think? … Continue reading

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we have ACTUAL end tables, people!

Not rickety, well-used, easily-tipped-over-by-a-baby-learning-to-walk TV trays. But real, genuine end tables, people! For a year and nine months, Stephen’s old grad school TV trays have stood in as end tables. Ever since Silas became mobile, buying real tables has moved … Continue reading

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