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Our new subscription to E-Mealz has been so convenient! For just $5 a month we get a 5 day menu each week for two people, made especially for items at Wal-mart. The menu comes with a detailed grocery list organized according to section in the grocery store. It also includes the brand (when applicable) and… Read More E-Mealz

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Open Source Alternatives

If you’ve ever wanted a free/open-source software package with similar features to an expensive commercial program but didn’t have the time or energy to look, Open Source Alternative is a great resource. Dozens of popular commercial programs are indexed by category and searchable. Each commercial software entry is accompanied by one or more open-source projects… Read More Open Source Alternatives

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Al Qaeda images analyzed to reveal interesting info

Computer researchers recently made some interesting discoveries [] by doing image analysis on Al Qaeda-published images. It turns out that they are able to detect which details in an image have been photoshopped or otherwise artificially manipulated. Apparently most of Al Qaeda’s graphics are shot in caves and other assorted hideouts, with the graphics then… Read More Al Qaeda images analyzed to reveal interesting info

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Air travel links

With our vacation coming up tomorrow, I happened across a couple of interesting articles on air travel. The first one discusses how it took a team of MIT grads to decipher airline airfare schemes. Sort of. This would explain a lot: “the problem of finding the cheapest airfare from point A to point B… Read More Air travel links