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Autumn Revelry

After we moved to Portland, I came across a blog post—via BrownSugarToast—encouraging readers to pick three words when entering a new season. Since I was so obviously beginning a new phase of life with our recent 1,300 mile move, it was helpful to think through what my goals might be as we transitioned to life in the Northwest. These words… Read More Autumn Revelry


Blog search added

All blog entries and comments are now searchable using the site search tool at the top. I installed (and tweaked slightly) the JD-Wordpress Search Mambot. Feel free to test it out and let me know what you think.


new url

You may have noticed from the site that I purchased a domain name. I decided to go with stephenmoody.info after all, which I registered through mydomain.com. Feel free to update your bookmarks (?) accordingly. I found out that I also apparently “own” stephenmoody.net which I registered through a free trial of MS OfficeLive’s Beta I… Read More new url


Help name my blog

I’m extraordinarily uncreative when it comes to thinking of names for stuff like this, which is part of the reason this site has such a generic name at the moment and no domain name at all. So, if anyone has a good idea on a name for my blog and/or a good domain name to… Read More Help name my blog