End of the school year

It’s hard to believe, but ICA’s senior graduation is tonight. I gave a final exam today, with the others in the first half of next week. After that it’s just a matter of getting grades done and turned in, and we’re completely done with the school year! It’s hard to believe I’ll soon have my… Read More End of the school year


Quick update

I guess I haven’t posted since before spring break. Wow. It didn’t seem that long. These past two months have sped by incredibly fast. I don’t have time to remedy that just yet, but hopefully one of us will be able to post an update on our lives soon. I just got back from going… Read More Quick update


Spring break

A large portion of this school week is being taken up administering achievement tests. On Friday we have an early dismissal for the beginning of spring break, and it’s looking to be a pretty packed vacation for us already. Friday night and Saturday we’ll be at a church Couple’s Retreat in northern Indiana. Then on… Read More Spring break

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I finally feel like I’m able to pull my head out of the sand and start enjoying things and people around me. For the past 7 months, I’ve been trying to adjust to my new life as a wife, elementary teacher, and Indiana resident. Of course marriage is a wonderful gift from God that Stephen… Read More Adjustments

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Children’s Museum

I’ve been wanting to post again, but I’m still learning how to do this. Stephen’s been so busy grading and judging over 60 science fair projects that he hasn’t been able to help me until now. This past Monday we didn’t have school in celebration of Presidents’ Day. So, Stephen and I decided to go… Read More Children’s Museum


Snow day!

Today was a snow day for us, with 6-10 inches of snow so far and the wind still whipping up the snow something fierce. I don’t think I’ve seen drifts this big since I’ve lived in Indiana. Not sure whether we’ll be back again tomorrow or not, but everyone here has definitely enjoyed the day… Read More Snow day!


Christmas Break

Christmas break has been great so far. We’ve been able to get plenty of the rest we needed, but have also been able to get a lot done. Christmas shopping was time-consuming, but nevertheless went really well. We got some really good presents (I think) without spending a ton of money, and I’m looking forward… Read More Christmas Break

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Pre-Christmas Update

Things have been going pretty well lately, but I’m definitely ready for Christmas break to start. We’ve both been pretty weary these last couple of weeks, and are about ready for a recharge. Tuesday is the beginning of Christmas break, with regular classes on Monday and then high school caroling and bowling all day Tuesday.… Read More Pre-Christmas Update