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McCain at Liberty

Presidential hopeful Senator John McCain’s commencement speech at Liberty University was pretty good—certainly better than anyone who was around during the 2000 election primaries would have had any reason to guess at the time.

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Annex Mexico?

Glenn Reynolds argues (mostly tongue-in-cheek) that the quickest way to solve the illegal immigration problem is to just annex Mexico. His real point, though is that the long-term solution to the dilemma is to insist that our neighbor to the south adopt serious democratic and economic reforms; i.e. to become more American. He’s probably right.… Read More Annex Mexico?

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Sixteen words

Christopher Hitchens (one of the panel members in the Orwell post below) debunks one of the most persistent myths remaining from the runup to war in Iraq. (via Instapundit) The evidence still points to the fact that Saddam sought yellowcake from Niger. Of course, the world’s various intelligence services have been saying so all along,… Read More Sixteen words