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Silas Says…

Grandma’s a good sport. She got a lesson in “Grandma 101” (as my sister Charis put it) from Silas during her visit with us. Silas was just being his usual precocious self, but it was at Grandma’s expense! After helping … Continue reading

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The Gift of Family

Silas was at his babysitter’s house last week. Connie was talking with Silas about the baseball on his shirt. Then she asked if he had been to a game at the ballpark. Silas replied, “Yes, I went to the ballpark, … Continue reading

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Grace is a Person

This past Sunday was Silas’s first official time in Children’s Church. As a young church plant, Crossroad has had to be flexible with our service structure. We’ve offered a Children’s Church in the past, but recently, we haven’t had enough … Continue reading

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Fire Chief Moody

“Firetrucks help people.”Just a friendly reminder from Fireman Silas. Update: Added the video below.

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Missing Him

Today is Pop-pop’s birthday. He may be gone from us, but he is not gone. He’s waiting for us in Heaven. He’s happy today. He’s whole. And he’s with his Savior that he loved. Below is a poem that I … Continue reading

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Our Advocate, Jesus Christ the Righteous

To think that God the Father justly should punish me for my sin, but instead, He mercifully pardons me as I am clothed in the righteous robes of the perfect Jesus. To think that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, absorbed the … Continue reading

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Hanging Out Together

At the risk of sounding like an incredibly sappy wife, I must admit that my absolute favorite person to hang out with is Stephen Andrew. Exploring is one of our favorite things to do—something we haven’t been able to do … Continue reading

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30 Seconds in the Morning

Evenings have always been my favorite times of the day. Mornings never appealed to me much. I guess because it involves discipline to actually go to bed at a decent hour so I can then get up at a respectable … Continue reading

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The Wall

The Wall is many granite sections, solid, cool, and black, A visitor may pause to touch a name. It just seems that in the dark reflections hands are reaching back, As if to greet and touch and hold the hands … Continue reading

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How to spot a counterfeit?

Ever heard this quote? “Federal agents don’t learn to spot counterfeit money by studying the counterfeits. They study genuine bills until they master the look of the real thing. Then when they see the bogus money they recognize it.” To … Continue reading

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