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Al Qaeda images analyzed to reveal interesting info

Computer researchers recently made some interesting discoveries [] by doing image analysis on Al Qaeda-published images. It turns out that they are able to detect which details in an image have been photoshopped or otherwise artificially manipulated. Apparently most of Al Qaeda’s graphics are shot in caves and other assorted hideouts, with the graphics then… Read More Al Qaeda images analyzed to reveal interesting info

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Thesis is DONE!!!

Well, I just got back from dropping my thesis copies off at the University binder’s. After passing my defense last Friday, most of this week has been spent finishing the details required to get it published.


Notorious “unintelligent design” argument debunked

From Reasons to Believe: New work on the characteristics of an enzyme that plays a key role in photosynthesis provides an effective response to one of the most compelling arguments for evolution. Biologists point to seemingly faulty designs in nature as evidence for evolution. One widely recognized example of a “poor” biochemical design is the… Read More Notorious “unintelligent design” argument debunked

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“Random” book

How can a book of 600 pages literally contain absolutely no information? Here’s how. (In a technical sense, information is a means of quantizing a population’s deviation from randomness, so by definition a string of purely random data is completely information-free.)


Digital chauffeur?

It looks like it may not be too long before self-driving cars are technically feasible. It’s probably too much to wish for to actually see something like this in production for quite a while though. For one thing, I suspect the public would have to get more accustomed to high levels of automation performing less… Read More Digital chauffeur?