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These Last Arizona Summer Days

Our days in the desert are coming to an end. After just 11 days on the market, we sold our home! We accepted an offer on our house that, by God’s generosity to us, was above our asking price. Our … Continue reading

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That’s how I felt on Mother’s Day this year. And I’m thankful. The happiness of it caught me by surprise. While I always send my mom a Mother’s Day card, I especially enjoyed writing hers this year. I know she’s … Continue reading

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Back at the start of April, my Aunt Debby flew to Phoenix with her mom and three sisters to visit a cousin of theirs. She invited us to come spend an afternoon at the hotel pool with her and her … Continue reading

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…and a cherry on top

Darling Brynn Kathryn, You are that cherry on top! You are the bite-sized little girl that is the sweet new addition to our family. Today you are one month old, and we are all head-over-heels in love with you. One … Continue reading

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My Grace Baby

Both of my boys are undeserved gifts from God. Both of my boys bring me joy and both of them teach me more of God’s grace. But, while Silas is my Joy Baby, Cooper is my Grace Baby. Cooper’s entrance into … Continue reading

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My Joy Baby

A friend once told me that she calls her children her “joy babies.” Children are treasures, and gifts from God. When God gave us Silas, so much joy entered our lives. What a thrill to find out we were pregnant, … Continue reading

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My Little Parts of Speech

We’ve decided that Silas is a verb and Cooper is a noun. What do we mean? Silas is, and always has been, constant action—a verb. He really wasn’t a cuddly baby, and “sitting on the couch with him” as a … Continue reading

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100 Things

At our CBC Ladies’ Bible Study meeting last Thursday night, Jen encouraged each of us to make a list of 100 things we’re thankful for and then to pray that list back to God. Last night I sat down and … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Turning Thirty

Today I turn 30. Am I sad? Not really (okay, maybe a little), but no, I’m not sad. Everybody tries to make you think you should be sad at growing older. But, I’m welcoming thirty because I like who God … Continue reading

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Motherhood Confessions

It was one week ago today that Cooper started taking solid afternoon naps. I feel as though I’ve come through a dark fog of sleepless & fussy days and nights, and now I have my life (and arms) back. We’re … Continue reading

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