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Learning to Read

Sometime this summer, it clicked with Silas that letters have sounds and that those sounds make up words. He’s known the sounds of a few letters for a while, but now he’s trying to teach himself how to read by … Continue reading

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She’s 3 months old! We can’t get over how mellow our little sweet pea is. She smiles, giggles, and coos, but mostly she quietly observes and patiently endures lots of hugs and kisses. Brynn is reaching out, touching, and even grasping … Continue reading

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It Really IS a Girl

The big headline this week is that we are expecting a girl! Stephen and I are thrilled and surprised. Of course, we were hoping for a girl, but it was still a bit of a shock to discover that baby … Continue reading

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The other morning Silas wanted to sing me a song while “playing” the piano. Here is his rendition of Jesus Loves Me. Cooper joined in with the obligato on the chorus.

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Silas Says…

Grandma’s a good sport. She got a lesson in “Grandma 101” (as my sister Charis put it) from Silas during her visit with us. Silas was just being his usual precocious self, but it was at Grandma’s expense! After helping … Continue reading

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My Grace Baby

Both of my boys are undeserved gifts from God. Both of my boys bring me joy and both of them teach me more of God’s grace. But, while Silas is my Joy Baby, Cooper is my Grace Baby. Cooper’s entrance into … Continue reading

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Excuse Me, Biped Coming Through!

Cooper is walking! He took a few starter steps last month, but now at 10 months, he has officially begun walking. Last weekend he gained a lot of confidence and decided, “I can do this walking thing! Look at me … Continue reading

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“I See the Moon, the Moon Sees Me”

Dear Aunts and Uncles, I miss you so much that I decided to sing a song for you. When you see the moon up in the sky at night, think of me and the moon shining down on me way … Continue reading

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This Mystical Thing Called Marriage

Marriage is not what I expected. It’s better, richer, deeper, fuller. Marriage is common grace. Grace given to believers and unbelievers alike. Grace that allows each marriage—each union of man and wife—to portray Christ’s relationship to His Church. What wonder! … Continue reading

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Starring Super Duper Cooper

Ladies and gentlemen! Here he is, the world-renowned Super Duper Cooper! Watch and be amazed! Okay, so maybe I’m overstating it a bit, but we are pretty impressed with how quickly Cooper has gone from being stationary to crawling on … Continue reading

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